Let's talk about sponsorship and its hidden treasures.

By: R. Lamidi. Sponsorship is a powerful tool with hidden treasures that can only be unlocked with innovative and unbureaucratic ways of sponsorship.

Feb 28, 2024 - 23:01
Mar 22, 2024 - 06:06
Let's talk about sponsorship and its hidden treasures.
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing


Let's talk about sponsorship and its hidden treasures.

Sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool for those who know the rules of the game. Have you projected sponsorship in the Sales and Marketing plan of your small business for 2024? Whether your answer is YES or NO, having a closer look at your plan and expectations, you will surely have a reason to start Rethinking Sponsorship.

Sponsorship is still largely reserved for big companies, big events, and big shows, and that's why many small businesses are still ignorant about the power of sponsorship. Whatever your current relationship with sponsorship; either you've been sponsoring, getting sponsored, or you are new to sponsorship; it's time to start rethinking sponsorship.

There are many things that we need to start doing differently in our modern days to build a more just world, and that is where Rethinking Sponsorship comes in. Sponsorship is a powerful tool with hidden treasures for both sponsors and sponsorship seekers of all sizes. Innovative and unbureaucratic ways of sponsorship can be used as an effective tool to bridge some gaps and make the digital economy inclusive, fairer, and empowering for everyone.

To me, one of the smartest Tech Trends for 2024 is BID TO SPONSOR. Finally, there is a stage, where sponsors and sponsorship seekers of all sizes can shine.

'Rethinking Sponsorship' is what Techatty has done right this year, with a Sponsorship Marketplace that is designed to reinvent and democratize sponsorship for sponsors, sponsorship seekers, and newcomers of all sizes. Sponsorship is a great tool that was inefficient and inaccessible to many, because of its nature of being a highly bureaucratic market that is largely governed by 'It's Whom You Know and Who Knows You.'

Rethinking Sponsorship is what your business should give a try, and start using sponsorship as a Tool for Good and Achieving greater visibility and higher ROI. Strategically spending a small amount of money sponsoring small projects through BID TO SPONSOR, can bring your brand closer to its target audience in a more rewarding and meaningful way, and increase your visibility with much higher ROI, than spending $1000s on advertisements elsewhere.

Techatty is set to launch Bidtosponsor.com by March 2024. and you can now Claim Your Spotlight on the big 'BID TO SPONSOR' stage, no matter the size and location of your company or organization. Sponsorship on BID TO SPONSOR is done on a budget, whatever your budget, you will be able to double your impact for greater visibility and higher ROI.

Sponsorship is a Win-Win tool and BID TO SPONSOR is a stage where all sponsors, sponsorship seekers, and newcomers can shine. I highly recommend Bidtosponsor.com to everyone: companies, organizations, startups, influencers, and every other individual.

BID TO SPONSOR SPONSOR AND GET SPONSORED WITHOUT BUREAUCRACY! Bid To Sponsor is building an Innovative Sponsorship Marketplace for you and everyone. Reinventing Sponsorship, to make sponsorship more beneficial to the sponsors, the sponsorable, the unsponsorable and the global economy. *Sponsor and Getting sponsored through BID TO SPONSOR is free for everyone.
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