Sponsor Techatty on a budget

Let's be partners, Techatty would love to establish a lasting relationship with your company and contribute to maximizing your visibility with a much higher ROI.

Feb 28, 2024 - 07:20
Mar 21, 2024 - 20:35
Sponsor Techatty on a budget
Techatty is reinventing sponsorship with Bidtosponsor.com - the #1 Sponsorship Marketplace to Sponsor & Get sponsored without bureaucracy.
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing

Let's make the most of sponsorship for greater impact and Higher ROI.


Bid To Sponsor Techatty on a Budget

Align your brand with a New Era of technology media and publication networks that are free of distractive and misleading content and advertisements. Techatty is building cutting-edge solutions that are strategically designed to connect our community to reliable solutions, opportunities, and resources that can help everyone achieve greater success.

We would love to establish a lasting relationship with your company/organization and contribute to maximizing your visibility with a much higher ROI. 

Talk to Techatty
Talk to Techatty

Our core mission is to connect people, companies, and organizations to use Tech As A Force for good. Together, we can bridge gaps and make the digital economy inclusive, fairer, and empowering for everyone, through cutting-edge solutions. 



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Complete this form to place your bid for sponsoring Techatty, and we will get back to you shortly. You can read more information below.

NOTICE: Bidtosponsor uses a Silent Auction System, we will never discuss your bids in public.

Talk to Techatty
Talk to Techatty




As a sponsor of Techatty, your brand will be prominently showcased to the global audiences on Techatty.com and beyond, in articles, newsletters, plus other great deals for greater visibility and higher ROI. Plus the general benefits as described by BIDTOSPONSOR project.

Who Can Bid To Sponsor Techatty?

Registered companies and organizations of all sizes, and professionals, no matter your budget. Bid To Sponsor is based on a 'Sponsorship on a Budget ' strategy. Just place your bid to let us know your offer, and your exact requirements or expectations, and let's negotiate. We would love to establish a lasting relationship with your company/organization.


Bid To Sponsor is more sponsor-friendly and comes with Multiple Rewards. With Bid To Sponsor, you can Name-Your-Price, and the proposed Sponsor Benefits as described by the project you are sponsoring, can be fine-tuned to suit the exact needs of your company/organization.    

Generally, these will be your rewards for all sponsoring through Bidtosponsor

  1. The Sponsor Benefits as described by the project you are sponsoring.
  2. Your exact requirements, that are negotiable with the project you will be sponsoring. 
  3. BTS Gratitude Record: you will have a profile and permanent listing of each project you will be sponsoring in the BTS Gratitude Record.
  4. 50% discount on your Techatty Publishing Account for unlimited publications.
  5. You may be one of the winners of MISY Award (Most Innovative Sponsor of the Year Award.) Starting in 2025, BIDTOSPONSOR will be hosting a yearly event to celebrate our sponsors and the achievements of different projects through Bid To Sponsor. 


  1. Place your bid. NOTICE: BTS uses a Silent Auction System, we will never discuss your bids in public.
  2. We will get into negotiation.
  3. We will close the deal for your Techatty Sponsoring without bureaucracy.


By submitting this form, I consent to the processing of my contact information by Techatty. I acknowledge that Techatty will use and keep my contact information, in accordance with its Privacy policy.

BID TO SPONSOR SPONSOR AND GET SPONSORED WITHOUT BUREAUCRACY! Bid To Sponsor is building an Innovative Sponsorship Marketplace for you and everyone. Reinventing Sponsorship, to make sponsorship more beneficial to the sponsors, the sponsorable, the unsponsorable and the global economy. *Sponsor and Getting sponsored through BID TO SPONSOR is free for everyone.
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