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To advertise on, you will need to have some Techatty Media Credits, or click here to contact us for custom adverts solution if your budget is above $1.000. With your Techatty Media Credits, you will be able to advertise on different spots on Techatty from as low as $5. 

Techatty supports the following advertisement methods:

  • Banner ads
  • Custom widgets
  • Article - article with images and embed videos
  • Video - video link or embed code (text content is also required)
  • Sorted list - list-based article
  • Downloadable files (The Downloadable files category must be used)
  • Audio - upload audio and create playlists
  • Trivia quiz - quizzes with right and wrong answers
  • Personality quiz - quizzes with custom results

Techatty articles and publications allows the following:

  • Written by, with the name of one or more authors is allowed
  • Links to your website or shop.
  • Links to third-party websites or marketplaces.
  • Sponsored by, is allowed
  • Embed form is allowed
  • Affiliate link is allowed

You can buy Techatty Media Credits of $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 and pay as convenient for you online, through your bank, or through a local partner in your country.

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