Haptics technology explained

Whether you’re a haptics expert looking to learn new facts or a newbie hoping to broaden your knowledge, this ebook written by SenceGlove has interesting facts and insights about Haptics. The Dictionary of philosophy and Psychology of 1901 describes haptics as “the doctrine of touch.” Haptics is the use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, based on interaction with wearable computing devices. Download the full Haptics eBook on Techatty.

Apr 26, 2023 - 20:19
May 6, 2023 - 09:46
Haptics technology explained

Mercury - banking for startups

Mercury - banking for startups


A summary of the Haptics Club podcast. Download the full Haptics ebook below. 


Looking for an interesting read about Haptics? We have selected and summarised our favorite episodes from the podcast series “The Haptics Club”. 

The Haptics Club was founded by haptics experts as a place where they can share their knowledge and opinions of haptics in different industries.

The topics of the podcasts range greatly from haptics in enterprise 
training and the automotive industry to gaming, marketing, movie theatres, and lots more. Each speaker provides unique insights into the use of haptics in their particular industry, mentioning the highs, lows, challenges, and successes they have experienced so far.

Whether you’re a haptics expert looking to learn new facts or a newbie hoping to broaden your knowledge, this ebook has interesting insights for all.

We hope you enjoy the read!

Publish your tech-related content on Techatty.com
Publish your tech-related content on Techatty.com


  1. The Shocking History of Haptics                                                4
  2. 20 Years of Haptics Technology                                                 5
  3. Haptics Design for Automotive                                                   6
  4. Haptics in Marketing & E-commerce                                          7
  5. What the Future Holds for the Haptics Markete                         8
  6. The use of Haptics in Sensory Substitution                               9
  7. Spatial Haptic Textures                                                            11
  8. Feeling Touch and Temperature with Chemical Haptics          12
  9. Surgical Robotics and Haptic Perception                                 13
  10. Quantifications of Haptics                                                         14
  11. Haptics in Movie Theatres                                                        15
  12. The Humanity of Touch in a Digital World                                 16
  13. Haptics Prototyping                                                                   17
  14. Haptics in VR gaming                                                               18

The Shocking History of Haptics

David Parisi, associate professor of Emerging media College of Charleston

Haptics Legacy

David completed a PHD in media culture and communication, where he began his dedicated work in haptics. In 2018 David published his book; Archaeologies of Touch. The book was inspired by the dissertation research he conducted at NYU. David’s interest in haptics has led him to research the use of haptics going all the way back to the 1700s.

Top 3 Lessons

  • Use cases in haptics can be traced all the way back to the 17 s! The dictionary of philosophy and psychology of 1901 describes haptics as “the doctrine of touch.“
  • In the 1800s researchers began to push the fact that touch is not just one sense. Questions were raised such as; does pain count as touch? Does tickle count as touch? Does temperature count as touch? Does weight count as touch? Does vibration count as touch?
  • In the 1905s, a linguistics system was created that employed 5 different vibrating motors that were positioned on the torso. The creators basically had a 45-character language that they could train subjects to decode. The idea was that this would be a faster way of communicating than Morse code.

Powerful Statement to take away

The biggest challenge is not to think about haptics in terms of what people are 
capable of decoding but the associations that they are willing to learn to decode.”

20 years of haptics technology

Chris Ullrich, CTO of Immersion

Download the full Haptics technology explained eBook below


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