AI For Good global Summit 2024. Affordable universal healthcare access through autonomous mobile clinics with AI Doctors

AI For Good global Summit at Geneva, Switzerland CICG. 30 - 31 May 2024. Accelerating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At least half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services and up to a third will remain underserved by 2030. Autonomous mobile clinics (AMCs) with ‘AI doctor’ functions may be key to reaching universal health coverage, particularly serving the “underserved”, the “hard-to-reach”, and the aging population.

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Techatty All-in-1 Publishing
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing

Event: AI For Good global Summit
Accelerating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

When: 30 - 31 May 2024.

Where: Geneva, Switzerland. CICG, Centre International de Conférences Genève.

Talk to Techatty
Talk to Techatty

At least half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services and up to a third will remain underserved by 2030. Autonomous mobile clinics (AMCs) with ‘AI doctor’ functions may be key to reaching universal health coverage, particularly serving the “underserved”, the “hard-to-reach”, and the aging population. Accepted by the World Economic Forum as part of this year’s global health agenda: “How autonomous mobile clinics can help transform healthcare “, this AI for Good session focuses on developing self-driving vehicles as the next generation of healthcare delivery platforms, through which AI doctors and various applications could be configurated in various forms to suit the deployment situation. 

Illustrating this concept, a recent example of an AI doctor application screening monkeypox based on images taken from resource-constrained devices such as low-end mobile phones will be presented. Join this live discussion on how to further develop, open source and standardize AI doctors’ functions. Learn how AI can help scale this pilot in underserved communities through a demand-driven approach and multistakeholder partnerships will help set industry standards and scale-up the benefits. 

The “Discovery-Channel” digs deeper into thematic areas transformed by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning as well as into challenges of current AI/ML technology. Each “Discovery” episode dedicates one hour to a researcher to present their latest findings in one of the topic areas below:

AI for Earth and Sustainability Science

The AI for Earth and Sustainability Science webinar series highlights seminal and recent progress in AI-enabled modelling and understanding of the Earth system from local to global scale and AI-science based diagnosis, prediction and remedy of environmental crises. Interdisciplinary researchers from academia, industry, UN and government agencies as well as NGOs will talk about tackling systemic real-world challenges with AI, including disaster risk reduction and preparedness, environmental degradation, climate change, societal impacts and dynamics, and the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources such as water and energy.

The webinar series is curated by the ELLIS Unit Jena and the ELLIS program “Machine Learning for Earth and Climate Sciences”. ELLIS is the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems.”

Enjoy and learn how to make our planet a better place and our future more sustainable through AI.

AI and Climate Science

For many years climate scientists have used comparatively simple statistical approaches to try and discern subtle changes in observational datasets, or to interpret abundant climate model data output. The opportunity now presents itself for climate science to exploit advances in Machine Learning to answer some of the most pressing challenges of our time – while they are still relevant for policy makers. This acceleration will be built upon: supervised and un-supervised learning of features and patterns in the vast amounts of Earth observation and climate model data that is now available, transforming our ways to constrain climate models and the detection of climate change; robust emulation of existing climate models and their components; and causal detection and attribution of regional climatic changes.

Talk to Techatty
Talk to Techatty

Climate scientists have begun to enthusiastically explore these possibilities, but scaling these novel approaches to the exabytes of data that will be created over the next decade to answer urgent scientific and policy relevant questions in a timely manner will require a concerted collaboration between academia, industry and policy makers. Industrial partners in particular can play a leading role in bringing in their extensive expertise and know-how but also in ensuring that climate data is accessible and interoperable with the latest ML algorithms and the specialized computational hardware required to run them.

This series provides a forum for leading voices in these fields and across sectors to outline a vision for how we will achieve this – with the aim of Accelerating Climate Science with AI.

AI and Finance

Artificial intelligence promises to transform every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate to how we drive, learn, consume energy, and obtain healthcare. There is no area where this is more true than financial services. However, the disruption of the finance sector by AI has only just begun. While AI models are being used in trading and portfolio management, and large language models are being used for information consumption and image generation, artificial intelligence is just on the cusp of stimulating changes in lending, investing, insurance, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and much more. This series provides an important forum for leading experts in finance, economics, law, policy, and engineering to discuss the transformative impact of AI on finance and in support of the Sustainable Development goals.

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