You can now test your APIs as you build them, with Postman VS Code extension

Learn more on to test your APIs as you build them, in Postman live VS Code extension tutorial next week. Check out the newly upgraded Postbot this month, which now offers AI-driven suggestions for API testing

Nov 28, 2023 - 04:53
Jan 28, 2024 - 06:35
You can now test your APIs as you build them, with Postman VS Code extension
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing
Techatty All-in-1 Publishing

This month, we have almost two dozen product updates that make workspaces, collections, Postbot, and the Postman VS Code extension even more useful. And if you're looking for instruction on API testing beyond the basics, join our online Intergalactic session Dec. 13.

We're excited to share Postman: API-First Journey, a game for Android and iOS that combines our twin passions of software development and gaming. And we're busy planning POST/CON 24, a gathering of API leaders and Postman experts from around the globe. Register now to learn the details as they're announced.

Workspaces are even more collaborative
Within your workspaces, users can now add comments to your examples, which show your API endpoints in action and detail how requests and responses work.

Talk to Techatty
Talk to Techatty

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Four new ways to use the Postman VS Code extension
You can now access Collection Runner from within our VS Code extension. Plus, there's a Postman Console inside the extension for debugging API calls and scripts; the ability to view and edit documentation; and support for AWS signature and OAuth 1.0 documentation.
Learn about VS Code and Collection Runner, and see the other updates.

Let Postbot create your documentation
Postbot, our OpenAI-powered assistant, now instantly generates documentation to save you hours of work.

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Postman proxy and Interceptor just got better
We've upgraded filter support for active and past sessions with Postman proxy and Interceptor sessions. Plus, we've improved the Interceptor UI and added support for request timestamps.

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You asked, we delivered: Postman skip request
You can now skip or stop requests from being sent within the pre-request script stage of your API testing. This feature works in the Postman API client, Collection Runner, and Postman Flows.

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Postman now supports Atlassian's ASAP
In our Authentication section, you'll now see Atlassian's ASAP listed with other protocols. ASAP uses familiar concepts for OAuth 2.0 and JWT, like client, resource server, access token, and more.

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Calling all gamers
Download Postman: API-First Journey, our video game for Android and iOS. Navigate the development process in three beautifully rendered worlds, with Postman power-ups that let you destroy bugs, avoid obstacles, and fly. Warning–it's addictive!

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Create OpenAPI definitions easily from collections
Use Postman's new API endpoint to easily turn your collections into OpenAPI definitions that you can use with Postman's API Builder.

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Talk to Techatty

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Adventures with the Spotify API and Postbot
What happens when you use our AI-powered Postbot to explore Spotify's "Get Recommendations" API endpoint? You come up with a beautiful UI that suggests tracks suited to your mood.

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How Postman uses Postman
Have you ever wondered how Postman engineers use the product while building our API platform? In the first post of a revealing new blog series, a Postman engineer explains how he uses the product for E2E testing, feedback loops, and collaboration. Read more...

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