MegaCryptoPolis is Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary With $MEGA Staking!

Jun 9, 2021 - 12:27
Jun 9, 2021 - 12:30
MegaCryptoPolis is Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary With $MEGA Staking!
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360 traning - learn IT and Software skills.


When it comes to exploring blockchain games with management/strategy-based gameplay, the whole Universe that surrounds MegaCryptoPolis is a must. Part of the Ethereum ecosystem since 2018, this game has adapted to its community, overcome technical constraints and above all, continued to roll out features that enrich all aspects of the game.

With developments such as opening up to the Tron ecosystem, the transition to MCP3D and recently, the implementation of a more precise micro economy using $MEGA token, MegaCryptoPolis has risen up to the next level.

They have obtained their position in the Metaverse by building out the MegaCryptoPolis Universe step by step with the support of the players. A while ago the game blew out three birthday candles and to thank its supporters, MegaCryptoPolis is offering its community several different gifts.

The $MEGA Staking

Since the arrival of the $MEGA token which serves as a framework for the value of different assets in the game, MCP3 has managed to refine the economic balance of the game to an unparalleled level compared to other management games on the blockchain.

To go even deeper into the integration of this token, it is already  possible to stake it in order to get bonuses which will be directly related to the Districts! Every property owner can stake their $MEGA to benefit the whole District.

Here is a list of perks that can be enabled by staking:

  • Increase POI Range — increases the range of POI influence for a certain type of building in a District;
  • Double collect — offers a chance to receive double the amount of a production cycle in Industrial, Production and Energy buildings;
  • Produce Faster — decrease time required to finish a production cycle in Industrial, Production and Energy buildings;
  • Make Siblings — gives a chance to receive an extra Citizen token with the same avatar and qualifications in Residential buildings;
  • Get Extra Appliances Slots — provides additional slots for Appliances to reach even higher Influence Points for all buildings in a District;
  • Get Extra Stamina for Citizens — additional stamina points for appointed Citizens in all buildings in a District.

But this birthday present must not overshadow the possibilities that staking $MEGA will allow. For example, it will soon be possible for the players to use their $MEGA to practice decentralized democracy – to vote for the Mayor or even to intervene in the development of the project, thus offering an ever more immersive experience for the players.

Unlocking and using Perks

Depending on the district, the available Perks will be different so be well informed before choosing them. By navigating to the “District” tab, you can see what bonuses will be granted based on the number of staked $MEGA in the district.

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