Publish your tech-related content on
Publish your tech-related content on

Keep the world informed and updated with Techatty Newsroom for your business. Introduce your company and the solutions you offer in an informative way through Techatty Brandable Newsroom. 

Showcase your brand, build brand awareness, improve your SEO authority,
and attract the right clients and partners who are looking for the solutions your company offers. 

Why Techatty Newsroom for your business?

Launch and maintain an innovative Newsroom with great features without the price tag. Choose from SmallBiz Plan for only $55/year or Pro/Agency Plan for only $120/year. Complete the form below to get started.

Brandable Newsroom

TC Newsroom is an innovative solution for your company or organization to launch and automate your updates, announcements, and more with global audiences on, and beyond.

Easy and Feature-rich

TC Newsroom is easy to use and has innovative features for SEO, auto-indexing on search engines, and sharing on social media, websites, and apps. See all the topics and categories we cover.

RSS Feed & Automation

You can activate/deactivate RSS Feed for your newsroom. If activated, your Rss feed can be automated for instant posting of all new content from your Newsroom to your social media and other sites. Readers can also follow and generate you more traffic through your Rss feed.

Techatty Newsroom supports the following publication methods:

  • Article - article with images and embed videos
  • Video - video link or embed code (text content is also required)
  • Sorted list - list-based article
  • Downloadable file is allowed (The Downloadable files category must be used)
  • Audio - upload audio and create playlists
  • Trivia quiz - quizzes with right and wrong answers
  • Personality quiz - quizzes with custom results

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Monthly payment is also possible.


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